Polonia Krakow – football for children aged 2-11 years

Polonia Krakow is a football academy, in which we run trainings for children aged 2-11 years. Classes are held in five districts of Krakow: Nowa Huta, Prokocim, Olsza, Krowodrza and Bronowice. Currently we have over 800 satisfied players training with us!

In our opinion sport for the youngest is the way to physical and mental development. Playing football is not a goal in itself. Much more important is to develop in children the habit of moving, making contact with peers, the joy of play, the ability to live in a group, taking challenges and striving to achieve them or respect for colleagues.

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children 2-3 years old

Akademia Malucha

Training at Akademia Malucha focuses on the development of general fitness of the youngest. We sometimes hear opinions that starting trainings at such a young age is an exaggeration and overgrown ambition. However, the truth is different – children need maximum exercise from an early age, because only then do they develop in a proper way. The Akademia Malucha classes are based on various types of games which engage in movement – including running, jumping up and down and gymnastics.

An additional value of such classes is the joint training of the child and parent. With the help of this training, the parent builds and strengthens the bond with their child, which is extremely important for proper mental development.

Trainings take place once a week.


for children ages 4-6

Akademia Przedszkolaka

The trainings in Akademia Przedszkolaka are the second level of development in Polonia Krakow. Here the parents no longer participate in the classes – the children are under the supervision of the coach. We introduce basic football elements – ball handling and shooting, which are the basis of a large part of the games. At Akademia Przedszkolaka the most interesting thing for children starts – matches! We play in a 2×2 or 3×3 system so players have lots of contact with the ball, which is the best way to grow skills.

Trainings are held once or twice a week.

Piłki Nożnej

children aged 7-11 years

Akademia Piłki Nożnej

Akademia Piłki Nożnej is the next level of development in Polonia Krakow. During the classes, the coaches introduce more typical football elements, as well as the basics of tactics, such as positioning players on the pitch. The teams participate in internal competitions between districts, which is great fun for each player!

Trainings are held twice a week.

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Trainings are conducted in Polish.

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